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Driving and Cell Phones - a Dangerous Combination


Our nation should be concerned about the growing frequency of cell phone use by drivers who are involved in auto accidents.  Research conducted by many recognized schools and organizations indicate that using cell phones while driving is a dangerous combination. The results of some of the research are as follows:


Recent studies indicate that since cell phones became popular that cell phones and driving just do not mix.

One study published by the University of Utah finds that motorists who talk on cell phones while driving can be just as dangerous as drunk drivers

Many auto accidents, including some of the most severe, are related to inattentive driving caused by the distractions of cell phones.

Talking on cell phones causes people to drive unsafely, see the dangers too late, and react too slowly to avoid the accident. Text messaging is very popular, it is almost impossible to type your text message and watch the road.

We need your help to send out the warning against driving and using cell phones. Most of us are guilty of occasionally talking on our cell phones while driving. Many experts recommend not answering your cell phone when it rings while you are driving. Instead find a safe place to pull off the road and then return the call. The same would apply when you need to make a call while driving. Find a safe place to pull off the road and then dial your phone call.

If we all make an effort to be safer drivers then there will be fewer accidents and we can help to hold down our auto insurance rates.


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